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Jennifer C.
Best family Dentist ever

My daughter got her first filling today. I asked her how it went. She said it didn’t hurt at all. My daughter is a freak about needles. I asked her “how did Dr. Jen numb your mouth?” She replied “With her magic fingers, she just wiggled my cheek!” I can not thank this practice enough for all they have done for my family. Every one there is friendly, professional, and really know their bedside manners.

Kristina S.
The best Dentist office I have ever dealt with.

I have always had a wonderful experience with Altoona Pediatric. I have taken my children there since they were little and will keep taking my children there as adults to Dr. Pat Wolfe. Dr. Jen Wolfe has a wonderful way with kids. She knows just how to make them feel comfortable and good about going to the dentist. That is a rare quality and very important. She always spends extra time with me explaining about the appointment and how things went. The office is very accommodating with me with everything. Many times I have to send my kids with relatives and come in later to pay or provide insurance cards. They are always willing to do what works for me and always come out and take the extra time to talk to me about the appointment and any concerns. Very friendly and family oriented place.

Dejah R.
Back to Bonding thanks to Altoona Dental!!!

We were directed to Altoona Dental by a lactation specialist after realizing that our newborn baby boy was struggling to nurse because he was born tongue tied. He was only 13 days old but they made us feel so safe and secure. Everything was explained to us in detail, everyone was so nice and gave us plenty of time to prepare. We were also given a private space to nurse right after his surgery, which only took a few minutes. It made such a difference and we greatly appreciate their help. Now our little boy is able to nurse without struggling.

Leah G.
Extremely friendly and amazing with our girls!

Thank you so much for your incredible care of our daughters in their visit today! Everyone there is extremely friendly and helpful, and we always feel very welcome the minute we walk in the front door!

Each person interacting with our girls was extremely patient and encouraging – THANK YOU!!!

Melissa W.
Fast & Friendly Service

We got to the office and as soon as we arrived all 3 of my children were taken back to have their x-ray, and to the room to get their teeth cleaned, and checked by their dentist. We were in and out of there in 35 minutes with 3 kids, Very Excellent! The ladies at the front desk were friendly and welcoming. The Dental Assistants and Dentist were also very friendly and welcoming. I have been going there for over 7 years now and will continue to take my children there.

Liz N.
Great experience for our 3 girls!

We recently brought our three daughters in for full exams after moving to the area. The entire staff and facility was so welcoming to our children, and they obviously are comfortable with and happy to care for 2, 4, and 6 year old girls. From x-ray, to cleanings, to exams, to even education for myself and my kids, they were professional and kind. Our youngest had her first exam ever and she actually sat (sort of) still for the cleaning, which the staff allowed her to do at her own pace. Dr. Wolfe and her staff have pediatric dental care down to a science, but they really seem to enjoy their jobs! Thanks again for everything.

Valerie W.
Professional, patient, friendly, fast

I have nothing but praise to say about the staff here. They are all wonderful

Michelle K.
Professional and friendly every visit.

Julie K.
Amazing staff

I love that my daughter is never fearful of going to the dentist. They take the time to explain procedures and listen to the child – making your child feel like a friend versus a patient.

Aubrey J.
Dr. Jen and her staff were wonderful.

They were patient and very informative. We had a great first visit and I’m very thankful our previous dentist referred us here when we moved to Des Moines.

Alison V.
Caring staff!

We had a great experience with our 10-wk old. From the time we made the appointment over the phone to the office visit and the follow-up call from Dr. Jen – The entire staff was so knowledgeable friendly, caring and compassionate! They were very thorough in their explanation of the procedure and took lots of time to answer all of our questions.

Carrie M.
Great staff!!

My daughter woke up today excited to to go to the dentist!! That’s when you know you’re doing something right!!

Sarah K.

My son and I arrived for his 6 month cleaning. The staff is always so polite and friendly. We do really feel at home here. I love the fact that I have a choice to bring my family to a dentist who specializes in children. Dr. Jen is so good with the kids. She is also very good at explaining our options and possibilities. She has gained my complete trust and respect.

Debra R.
Always a great experience!

At the last minute I had to call Altoona Dental to cancel or re-schedule my children’s appointments. The staff rearranged their schedule to make it possible for both of my children to still get their check-ups done. I love their determination and dedication they have for all of their clients! My 16 year old who went to his appointment on his own. When he came home he “briefly” told me about his appointment.

Later when I was at the office with my younger daughter, the staff made sure they followed up with me on my son’s appointment. I really appreciated that! Again; everyone at Altoona Dental is so dedicated to their jobs and clients! I love the Teamwork! 🙂

Dawn Tavegia
We LOVE Dr. Jen.

She always makes my girls so comfortable and they are never nervous about going to the dentist. In fact, they love to go see her. All of the staff is awesome. I think Dr. Jen and her staff should be voted the #1 dentist in Iowa not just Altoona!!!

Getting five children, ages 1 – 12, through their dental cleanings and check-ups is no small feat.

Dr. Jen and her team do an amazing job of being thorough and also efficient to accommodate the varying attention spans of our children. Each person who works there is also a joy to interact with for both the children and the parents. Finally, Dr. Jen’s knowledge, kindness, patience and skills are reassurance and confirmation our children are receiving the best care.

jenni stutsman
Excellent as always. Our kids love going to the dentist!

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